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This training program that teaches you how to use family dynamics as a resource to increase the productivity of your company. It gives managers practical tools to triple their company's productivity by optimizing human resources, improving the work climate and increasing social impact. 

Do you want to become more competitive by developing your company in the field of DIVERSITY & INCLUSION? We invite you to be part of this new trend. The RESOURCE PACKS have been designed for you. . . More                    Versions: FRANÇAISDEUTSCH


This is a training for actors in civil society, education and politics.  It is specifically aimed at the prevention of potential victims as well as perpetrators of crimes and allows for better protection against racism at the individual, family and societal level. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is the only concept of anti-racism based on both an African and a European worldview. It aims to emancipate people - regardless of their skin color - and place them above racism. KONI was first introduced in April 2019 during the 44th Annual Conference of the New York African Studies Association at the City University of New York. DEUTSCH  – FRANÇAIS


This is a prevention program for both potential victims and potential perpetrators. It consists of a combination of Empowerment-Coaching and Afro-House-Training, thus offering young people a fun and easy way to learn how to protect themselves from racism. It is offered in the form of individual and group training.