I was born and raised in Cameroon until my high school graduation. We lived in a very complex socio-cultural context between local traditions and post-colonial Western social structures. On the one hand, the traditional worldview governed all aspects of our lives; on the other hand, we in church and school were also shaped by an exogenous worldview that was very often at odds with local traditions. I particularly remember that we learned there that our traditions were idolatry. The Christian European model became the ideal to be internalized.  As a teenager, I began to question many dogmas. I was very fortunate that my parents both had their respective libraries of works on world politics, religion, culture, history, etc. By reading and discovering African culture and history that were lacking in our school system, I gradually gained a solid basis for discussing the issues. Adolescents like me very rarely shared this interest. Therefore, my discussion partners were mostly adults. Through diverse opinions, I developed the ability to think outside the box and develop a curious and critical mind. In our local worldview, the direction of the world is from top to bottom, where the source of life is located. This orientation represents the main root by which my life is oriented. 

After graduating from high school, I began to study law and political science. However, the discipline that could most satisfy my curiosity about the functioning of societies was sociology. A faculty that did not exist at that time at our university. I was so fortunate to come to Germany and study sociology until graduation. Although the circumstances were very difficult, i.e. the language and self-financing without scholarships, etc., I was very grateful for the good academic education I received. Thanks to sociology, I was able to better understand the similarities and differences between societies and, in particular, look at African societies and cultures from new perspectives and enhance my self-reflectiveness. As I pursued my burgeoning passion for in-depth exploration, I landed in anthropology, where I later earned my PhD. Through anthropology, I discovered untapped treasures in African cultures that could be perfectly applied to the current and future challenges of our world.

One day, while flying back from a development cooperation project in Cameroon, it occurred to me that it would be such a waste if my findings remained only in the form of articles and books in libraries. Since my assignment in the field was to sensitize people to the need to tap into their cultural potential, I now felt personally affected. So I decided to set a good example myself and tap into these resources as well.
On that plane began my particular journey to a very fascinating profession as an ethnological consultant for entrepreneurship, development cooperation and as a cultural coach. Since then, I have been drawing on cultural resources to provide innovative solutions to dynamize the corporate world, professional as well as personal development. This is my passion.

My cross-cultural background and more than 15 years of anthropological and sociological research in different cultural contexts constitute the main source of my expertise. I draw from this mosaic of knowledge to bring out innovative solutions to today's challenges. 

  • I offer anthropological consulting for companies that want to expand into the African market.
  • I develop innovative programs to boost diversity and inclusion
  • I provide innovative solutions for personal and professional development, including for NGOs and civil society. 



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