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Civil society & NGOs

Our world is changing faster than ever, cultures are merging and humanity is merging. However, this also leads to increasing challenges, both for individuals and for their societies. It is therefore necessary for both individuals and civil society to adapt and make the most of this ongoing dynamic.

You are a civil society institution and you need new inputs to run your projects in a sustainable and efficient way? I offer you innovative approaches to the issues of the SDGs, based on the latest ethnological and sociological knowledge. 

If you are a person who is also facing the challenges of maintaining a sustainable balance in your family, work and love life, discover pathways and solutions from another dimension. My coaching will show you the right way!

Why am I the "right address" for you? Many coaching programs for personal and professional development are mainly developed from a Western or Eastern perspective. One of the main sources of personal and professional difficulties is family and intergenerational dysfunction. From my European and African studies, I notice that the current worldview is limited in its conception of human beings and family, and the cause of their dysfunction. Indeed, African cultures contain high level knowledge with invaluable potential regarding the mentioned subject. This knowledge provides effective tools to solve our current challenges in a completely different approach. 

I am not a coach only because of my skills, but mainly because I have experienced, understood, assimilated and put into practice many insights myself. My out-of-the-box coaching is therefore based on my own African and European experiences, on my ethnological and sociological training and on my special access to African elitist knowledge. Out-of-the-box means to see the world differently to achieve a different result. 

If you want to achieve a serene personal, professional and family balance and, above all, avoid emotional exhaustion, contact me and let's talk about your specific needs and wishes. 

My topics are
  • work-family balance
  • Identity work
  • Dependency and kinship relationships
  • Anti-racism 
  • Marriage and partnership (cross-cultural)
  • Dysfunctional families
  • African Diaspora