Dr. Moris Samen 

New Insights about Life 

For evolvement and innovation

-Paradigma shifting knowledge for a step ahead-

For You

Personal Development - Communities - Therapists - Actor of Civil Society

As mentor and cultural coach, I draw from African Exclusive Knowledge innovative elements to give you a new awareness, new perspectives of a better and more enriched life. 

For those who want to learn more about new insights about being human. These avant-gardist insights of African erudite from the SÈN-Savoirs Elitäres Noirs offer development and innovation to all.

  • Do you need innovative impulses in your life?
  • Do you want to know more about African cultures but, from the perspective of elitist knowledge?
  • Do you want to take a step ahead in the modernity through the futuristic aspect of the African elitist knowledge? 
  • Do you want to reconnect with your roots?
  • Do you want to dynamize your knowledge?
  • Do you want to be more than just a human? A Muntu?

I am your relay to growth and sustainability 


I offer my services in four different forms: 

PALAVERBAUM Knowledge transfer for innovative impulses: This is a compact training with the most actual and relevant topic of development. Come to my venue. (UPCOMING EVENT)

Workshops: I lead you to gain a deeper insight into exclusive knowledge SÈN-Savoirs Elitaires Noirs on various topics in your activities areas. If you have other wishes, I am at your disposal. This can take place in your venue or in mine. (contact Moris)

Coaching: You will be trained to achieve better results on your way to your personal evolvement. In your venue or in mine (contact Moris)

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New awareness for a head start


Scientific and technical progress has changed our lives. In doing so, some very necessary aspects for human fulfillment have fallen into disuse and created a wide gap.

The educational systems, religions and prevailing philosophies do not take many aspects of the human constitution into account.The resulting gaps are felt in almost all areas of lifelike family and sexuality.

The individual! what a chimera. The current conception of the individual is juvenile. It is indeed the cause of many evils and the intrinsic destruction of the life force.

One of the greatest dangers of human civilizations is the degeneration of gender relations and sexuality within a family.

People are facing more problems: love, migration, racism etc. These are indeed the sequels of the deterioration of the vital link with the earth and the loss of the blackness, the carbonization of their being.

People, Africans and diasporas seek for solutions in African scientific, cultural and spiritual values.



You unavoidably need new impulses and access to new ideas that help to improve various aspects of your life.

You need to know more about sexuality, gender and their impact on family life to avoid making the usual mistakes of others.

Develop your mental field with the knowledge of African seniors for a better family, sexual, moral and economic life.

Far from the concept of the individual, discover the deeper conception of yourself and revitalize thanks to the energetic continuity of the lineage.

The understanding of sexuality and its mastery of its intangible dimension allow you to program your existence and that of your ascendants and descendants.

Understand the love of this unique perspective of African elitist knowledge, then look for it and find it.

Discover an African conception of human. Know what you are, the true color of your being and, in so doing, prevent and overcome racism.

Revitalize by drinking from the source of African elitist knowledge and get a head start.


As a mentor and coach, I convey novelties of the African elitist knowledge to reinvigorate people.

Through SÈN I show you
 innovative African conception of gender, femininity and masculinity that revolutionizes your life and strengthens the life of your lineage.

I show you how to strengthen femininity in you.

No matter the degree of pigmentation of your skin, I help you to carbonization, this state of being superior.

For Africans and Afrodescendants I bring you to an endogenous perspective of your being.

SÈN is not only for the revitalization of your being but to show you how to explore other knowledge of your original cultures.

For therapists and other 
multiplicators, SEN energizes your experience.