Dr. Moris Samen 

Harness local cultural wealth to maximize the sustainability, efficiency, and productivity of your development project in Africa

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 Rely local cultural wealth to maximize the sustainability, efficiency, and productivity of development projects. 

  • Are you planning projects for development cooperation?

Do not repeat the same mistakes as other operators to have the same difficulties and be less efficient

  • Are your projects already running?

You can optimize your results by getting a better insight through the emic perspective. 

I am your relay to growth and sustainability 


I offer my services in four different forms: 

PALAVERBAUM Knowledge transfer for innovative impulses: This is a compact training with the most actual and relevant topic of development. Come to my venue. (UPCOMING EVENT)

Workshops: I lead you to gain a deeper insight into exclusive knowledge SÈN-Savoirs Elitaires Noirs on various topics in your specific areas. Do you have other topics? We are happy to talk about it. This can take place in your venue or in mine. (contact Moris)

Coaching: You will be trained to achieve better results from your project. This can take place in your venue or in mine. (contact Moris)

Counseling: I help you to solve defined problems during implementation process of your project. In your venue or in mine (contact Moris)

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Know-How for Sustainability & Efficiency


                .THE CHALLENGE

Lack of anthropological and sociological expertise: The most development cooperation projects are based on the opinion of economists and engineers. These experts often lack an in-depth knowledge of the cultural aspects. This affects the effectiveness of projects while raising the risk of interfering in some areas of African societies without explicit knowledge required.

Superficialities of ethic view:  Diagnosis of local problems and related solutions do not often correspond to the social realities. This lack has a significant consequence on the effectiveness and sustainability of any project. 

These problems still prevail

Thus, many projects target the development of Africa, but produce and stimulate the shaking of local social structures. 
This calls us to readjust the goals of the 
development cooperation: Is it a move towards a simple Europeanization of populations or a question of their equipment or their development in their own environments?


  • Avoid the same mistakes made for decades in aid and development projects.
  • Whatever your area of ​​investment is, you need in-depth knowledge of the social and cultural realities of the society in which you invest and the culture ways of the people you work with.
  • While planning a development project in Africa, you absolutely need ethnological and sociological expertise based on current data from African studies.
  • Have a better insight into the society you want to engage into respect local values while helping people.


  • Maximize the success and sustainability of your projects through African elitist knowledge.
  • You need more than just usual intercultural training. Take a step forward with accessing the African elitist knowledge for development and innovation.



As consultant and coach I value the elitist knowledge for efficiency and sustainability of your development project. 

Together, we analyze your project. I advise you on his feasibility by identifying the related cultural benefits and potentials.  

analyze the cultural and social field of your target society.

One of my specialties is a well-established examination of the needs of local people from the point of view of cultural realities based on their explicit knowledge.

I provide you with essential 
awareness to better understand the society and its economic, cultural, social and political realities.

I train you on the process of research in foreign companies for the efficiency of your projects.

I assist you from planning until the 
implementation of your project and its sustainability. 

I convey the necessary knowledge about local thought pattern according to your defined project.