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The enormous economic potential of the African continent attracts many investors. For several decades, Africa has been considered the most growing market in the world. 

  Let's optimize your business with SÈN - Savoir Elitaires Noirs


  • Are you planning to invest in Africa?

Have you ever thought about cultural differences even among employees? Did you know that these differences could be a positive boost to your project?

Avoid the mistakes your competitors! Stay one step ahead and learn how to benefit from the treasures of the African cultures.

  • Do you have a business in Africa? 

To optimize this. I bring in in-depth expertise in market analysis, human resources, recruitment, mentoring, educating entrepreneurs, managers and employees.


I am your relay to growth and sustainability 


 I offer my services in four different forms: 

PALAVERBAUM Knowledge transfer for innovative impulses: This is a compact training with the most actual and relevant topic of development. Come to my venue. (UPCOMING EVENT)

Workshops: I lead you to gain a deeper insight into exclusive knowledge SÈN-Savoirs Elitaires Noirs on various topics in your specific areas. Do you have other topics? We are happy to talk about it. This can take place in your venue or in mine. (Book Moris)

Coaching: You will be trained to achieve better results from your project. This can take place in your venue or in mine. (Book Moris)

Counseling: I help you to solve defined problems during implementation process of your project. In your venue or in mine (Book Moris)

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Obsolete model of entrepreneurship: Due to the cultural differences, entrepreneurs in Africa have been facing the same problem of inefficiency for a long time. 

Gap in Investment Planning: For the execution of their projects in Africa, most investors lean on the expertise of economists and engineers. However, these consultants often lack a thorough knowledge of the social and cultural realitiesThe result is that investing in Africa remains a huge challenge and a big risk. 

Differences in cultures and work culture: The major difficulty with entrepreneurship in Africa stem from discrepancy between the exogenous working cultures of entrepreneurs and the endogenous cultures prevalent in African societies.

Ignorance or underestimation of the dynamics of the local work culture: Many entrepreneurs miss out on taking advantage of the dynamics in endogenous work cultures to maximize the success of their activities..

Insufficiency of the intercultural training: The analysis and advise of those consultants come from field researches based on surveys about opinions of the population in a given society concerning defined topics. However, this majority has only implicit knowledge. Only a minority of insiders have an explicit knowledge about their cultures. Many consultants do not have access to this African knowledge of these erudite people.



  • Avoid the same mistakes that many entrepreneurs have been making for decades.

  • Whatever your area of ​​investment, you need in-depth knowledge of the social and cultural actualities of the company in which you invest. 

  • Good planning of a business project in Africa requires strong ethnological and sociological expertise based on current data from African studies. 
  • It is imperative for you to know the good manners and local amenities. By respecting local values, you optimize the work culture of your company.


  • Maximize the success and sustainability of your projects with the African Elitist Knowledge. 

  • You need more than just intercultural training. Take a step forward with accessing African elitist knowledge for success and innovation. 
  • Having knowledge of the culture in which you want to invest in is recommended by undergoing anintercultural training. Gaining access to African Elitist Knowledge and use the elements of dynamism of local cultures to optimize your business, that is innovation, a step ahead. 



As your consultant and coach I 
apply the African exklusive knowledge for growth, efficiency and productivity of your business. 

I assist you from the planning to the implementation of your project and for its sustainability. 

I provide you with elitist knowledge to better understand the culture, as well as the social, political and economic perspectives.

While permitting you accessto the elitist knowledge, my counseling is focused on market analysis and human resources and relations. 

My objective is to use my knowledge of local cultures specifically to optimize the success of your business. 

Much more than just intercultural counseling, my services provide you a larger access to the often-neglected dynamics of the local work culture and its great potential.

My services lead to a boost of the enormous potential of local working culture, to a better working environment, to a symbiotic working culture: Culture becomes the pivotal point of entrepreneurship for a better economic potential

I counsel both executives and employees, creating the basis for a lasting synergy between exogenous and endogenous working cultures for more profitable cooperation from both sides. Foreign entrepreneurs and executives will receive targeted training.  

My main area is central Africa. (Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo). Nevertheless, my ethnological research methods allow me to bring my expertise in various fields of other African societies.