Dr. Moris Samen 

SÈN - Savoirs Elitaires Noirs

We take it now

SÈN - Savoirs Elitaires Noirs In Medumba language, sèn translates to black, dark or carbonized. Yet far beyond a color, sèn means a state of being, strength and maturity. For insiders, blackening or sèn therefore refers to a defined elitist knowledge in African cultures. 

It is mainly about knowledge that has so far not received attention in political and scientific discourse in Europe and America. Years of research allowed me to condense the gained knowledge of African erudite people which and develop a concept that I title Savoirs Elitaires Noirs. This ancestral African knowledge proves to be a relevant solution to the current social and economical challenges of the human race.

The discussions and debates on Africa focus predominantly on socio-economic issues and on the history of the brilliant cultures of the past. Certainly, this look into the past is necessary in the search of a historical and cultural identity. But it does not evidently help a person to master his daily challenges in today's competitive world of globalization. My concept SÈN-Savoirs Elitäres Noirs is not based on the glorious past, but on the productive present. It is about drawing hidden knowledge from current African cultures and to be inspired by their advanced and prospective elitist knowledge. This exceptional knowledge not only offers solutions to the current socio-economic and cultural problems, it also allows us to propel ourselves into the future. 

Africa has lost a lot through genocide and ethnocide, but it still offers incredible treasures to the world and we are taking them now... and value them.

We "dare to invent the future" Thomas Sankara (1949-1987)