International Coach – Keynote Speaker – Consultant

What is SÈN - Exclusive Knowledge?

It is a compendium of defined African knowledge

SÈN In the Medumba language (Cameroon) means a state of being, strength and maturity. I use this term to define a specific avant-garde knowledge in many African cultures. It is mainly knowledge that has so far not received much attention in political and scientific discourse in Europe and America. However, it also contains factual elements that are ahead of our time.

Access to this knowledge has enabled me to develop the concept of SÈN-Exclusive Knowledge: To exteriorize African cultural wealth in a modern context and to represent it on a global scale.

My concept SÈN-Exclusive Knowledge does not refer to historical facts of yesteryear, but to current and avant-garde African knowledge for a socio-economic and cultural improvement oriented towards the future.


My vision is to optimize entrepreneurship in Africa, development projects, as well as individual development through the SÈN-Exclusive Knowledge.

Africa has much more to offer than dance, crafts and the culinary arts. The implementation of this exceptional African knowledge has the potential to meet many challenges in the world in the process of globalization.

It has become my personal mission to upgrade this unused and underrated cultural wealth of Africa and use it to contribute to the development of humanity.

We "dare to invent the future" Thomas Sankara (1949-1987)