Woman and powerful femininity

The femininity of Life

Women are seen in the African Exclusive Knowledge as full human being. What makes them different to men is: Femininity, the most powerful energy of the creation and of the universe.
To understand this, let’s me introduce the Femininity of life

We human being are composed of two components. The material component is the body. The immaterial is the energy, the life essence. The body is just the materialization of the life essence.

So, since human being are composed of two components, every woman expecting a child is doubly pregnant. She carries within herself the two components of the child, the material and the immaterial. That sais, every human being is connected to his mother by two umbilical cords, the one material, the other immaterial. These cords allow the transmission of both material (genetic) and immaterial (life essence) data between mother and child. 

Did you ever know that life (essence) in every person, both woman and man, is feminine? You at least your body are only the materialization one the life essence that vivifies you. This life essence is the real life in you. It comes from your mother and follows the maternal line to the source of the primordial Energy.

A woman who is aware about the power of femininity knows that the was she lives - nutrition, sexuality, morality - will impact generations of human being on earth.

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